Battle of the Automatic Editing Apps: Grab the Popcorn, It's Going to Get Interesting

According to Ryan Lawler over at GigaOM, automatic editing of that ridiculous amount of video and photos you've collected on your phone is the next big frontier for apps.

While I disagree with his statement that "Frankly, no one enjoys manually creating or editing videos", (I almost did a spit-take when I read that), there's no question that he's on to something. 

Yesterday I tried out automatic editing app V.I.K.T.O.R. and was impressed as hell at what it could do with the video languishing in my camera. To be fair, if you add pounding techno beats to any shaky cam footage, it'll always kind of work. But, that being said, we're obviously entering a brave new world of cheap computer-assisted creativity. I'll be reviewing as many of these apps as I can and want you to join me in the adventure, (and who knows, maybe we can actually make something good, but please no compilations of spit-takes, there's too much of that out there already).

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