News: Magisto App for iPhone Released at CES

Magisto App for iPhone Released at CES

Just as they promised, SightEra Technologies, creator of automatic video editor Magisto, has released an app for the iPhone.

You can read my reviews of the web-based version of Magisto here:

For a sample of the app in action, watch the videos below automatically created by Magisto from a from a variety of clips:

Magisto test video
Magisto test video

The Magisto app interface is clear and polished and navigating around is simple. There's also a brilliant facial recognition feature that integrates with Facebook:

Magisto App for iPhone Released at CES

Once you tag the people in your movie, the app can automatically share the video with everyone who was in it. Very slick.

The Magisto app is available for free from the iTunes store; for more information visit their website.

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