Edit on a Dime: The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

With the Consumer Electronics Show opening tomorrow, it's going to be a 'breaking news' week here at Edit on a Dime. Stop by often for updates on the latest cheap and easy apps to make your video just that little bit better.

Of course it won't be all CES, here's what else I've got coming up:

  • Magisto Update and Automatic Video Editor Shootout—The fine folks at online editing app Magisto have responded to my original review. I'll be discussing their thoughts and comparing Magisto to Vidify and V.I.K.T.O.R. with another round of clips.
  • Stroome—There's an interesting web-based collaborative tool out there called Stroome. I'll have a look at see what it can do to help creativity on a budget.

It should be a fun week. As always I urge you to join the Edit on a Dime community and aid me in finding the apps out there that will help us all create decent and valued work!

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