Edit on a Dime: The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday to all of you out there, thankfully the Consumer Electronics Show is now behind us. 

It feels quite possible that a cold was caught by yours truly simply by reading the numerous reports of germs being spread from booth to booth on the show floor. I'll do my best to soldier on, in the meantime if you haven't already, you can experience the convention vicariously by reading my 'Best of CES' post here.

Once you've digested that you'll be prepared for the week ahead. I'll be testing a variety of extremely cool apps that turn your iPhone into a real, productive creative device.

Edit on a Dime: The Week Ahead

Of course, I'll also be posting all the breaking news in the world of low-cost image and audio editing as well. I urge you to join me here at Edit on a Dime and post your own stories. Though I have strong opinions, it's healthy to have different and dissenting views here. So please do sign up like Radu and join the conversation!

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