Edit on a Dime: Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

We're continuing to deliver editing app tips, tricks and reviews-a-plenty here at Edit on a Dime. Let's look at what we talked about this week:

I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the apps, whether browser or mobile device based, that I've taken a look at so far. All of the applications reviewed worked as advertised, and more importantly, showed great promise.  

What do I mean by this? Well, we're just at the start of this low-cost application revolution where developers, often in small shops, can leverage the immense power of our PCs and mobile devices to produce very high quality results. Folks have been noticing for a while that our computing devices are too powerful for simple tasks such as web-browsing, but now we're seeing where all that power can come in handy. All of the apps talked about this week show what can be done when we have so much computing power available.

I'll be continuing the reviews and tutorials next week, but with the added input of people who are making these cool apps. Since Edit on a Dime was launched two weeks ago, developers behind products such as Magisto, V.I.K.T.OR. and WeVideo have been in touch to offer tips and tricks for using their apps and given hints as to the road ahead. I appreciate all of their input and am excited that Edit on a Dime can foster a conversation between the users and makers of these apps. Thanks for stopping by and check in next Monday to see what we've got planned for the upcoming week!

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