Edit on a Dime: The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Here we are at week three of Edit on a Dime, the community for free and inexpensive apps for video, audio and image editing.

It's going to be an interesting week as I've had feedback from the CEOs, I.T. and P.R. departments for most of the apps that have been reviewed so far on Edit on a Dime.  In addition to the reviews and tutorials listed below, expect updated posts on WeVideo, Magisto and V.I.K.T.O.R.

Those posts aside, here's what I've got coming up, (as always please feel free to join the community and contribute to the mix by posting to the community corkboard!):

  • Tuesday: I'll be offering thoughts and tips on Vidify, another automatic editing app for your iPhone, (from Vidify's press release: Vidify automatically edits music videos and montage videos on the fly using the footage from your camera roll and a soundtrack from your iPod library. No editing required. Simply select multiple videos and your song and Vidify does the rest).
  • Wednesday: Seemingly similar to WeVideo, Mixmoov is another browser-based video editor. How does its functionality and robustness compare to WeVideo? We'll find out this Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Smartphones are proving to be fantastic tools for moving image makers, marrying cameras to mobile computers. Reelmoments, a time-lapse app for iPhone, is an example of this, and we'll see if it can provide practical solutions for those of us wanting to make our videos stand out and, dare I say it, slick.
  • Friday: I'll look back at where we've traveled during the week and plan ahead for the next. I trust that we'll have some more folks joining the community by this Friday, and hope that they offer criticism of the most constructive kind as to what we should all be looking for and investigating in the world of inexpensive apps.

Don't forget that the Edit on a Dime conversation exists not just here at WonderHowTo but also on social media networks, check out the links below (and Happy New Year!):

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