News: Flixist Film School - Editing 101

Flixist Film School - Editing 101

I write for a movie site called Flixist, a sister-site of Destructoid. Basically, I write movie news, reviews, features, and interviews. I wrote this for our feature series Flixist Film School. It's a primer into film editing technique.

What do you think?

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Hey there Maxwell - thanks for joining the Edit on a Dime World! I'd enjoyed your article on Flixist. Am especially intrigued by this: " Your choice of editing software rarely matters." For most folks I agree but I wonder what effect the different editing paradigms, (say on Final Cut Pro X), will have on people's work. When we think about painters we often think of different mediums such as acrylic vs. oil vs. watercolor etc., and am curious how all the new technology is going to change the style of films/videos we see. The obvious example being non-linear editing leading to films being far more 'cutty'.

Also I had always assumed the 'Lumberjack Song' would work with anything - thank you for disabusing me of that notion! ;)

Good question. I've always felt that different editing software are less of a medium, and more of a tool to reach your end result. To bring back your painting metaphor, it'd be like choosing a brush you're more comfortable using rather than something that may be more practical or better for the job. I always push people to use the tool they're most comfortable with.

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